Q. Where are my GFI’s? Do I have them? Do I need them?

Q. There was a lightning strike nearby but it did not hit my home directly could I still have lightning damage?

Q. I have a wall switch that gets hot to the touch, is this dangerous?

Q. My breaker keeps tripping and I keep resetting it. Is this a problem?

Q. My breaker box (panel) hums, and pops and smells funny, is this a problem?

Q. My lights in the house dim regularly is this normal?

Q. My breaker box is old. Do I need to replace it?

Q. I have a freezer/refrigerator in my garage, but it is on a GFI, which does trip on occasion, and I have lost what was stored inside, what can I do so this won’t happen again?

Q. I am selling my home and a home inspection was done, there are several electrical issues what do I need to do?

Q. How much will it cost to replace a light fixture with a new one?

Q. How effective is Exterior Lighting when it comes to deterring theft or crime? What kinds of outside security lighting works best?

Q. I have a Federal Pacific, Challenger or Zinsco Breaker Box, do I need to replace it? I was told they were bad from my Real Estate Inspector.