can-lightsWe specialize in electrical repairs, remodels, upgrades, lighting, new installs, service repairs, panel breaker box replacements and more.

Can Lights – We install can lights to many homes to take the place of the builder grade glass globe fixtures and kitchen box fluorescent fixtures.  We add them to existing rooms that have no lighting, as well as to rooms that currently have them or some other form of lighting.

Chandelier Lighting – Chandelier lighting is a great way to decoratively light any room.  We can install new lighting in just about any room.  There are a few a variables to consider.  If there is no attic access the chances of drywall needing to be repaired once the job is complete is likely.  For example, if a room is downstairs with a room directly above it upstairs, in most cases the only way to access is to cut drywall. If you have any questions give us a call.

Pool Table Lights – They come in all shapes and sizes.  The recommended distance from table top to light is 36″ to no more than 48″. We do have the necessary equipment to work over a billiard table, so you won’t have to move it.

Game Rooms – Sometimes you need an outlet or two where there are none.  Many people currently are suspending their TVs and need an outlet a foot or so from the ceiling, or have the floating flat screen TVs and need one in the middle of the wall.  We do these all the time. FYI, if the game room is downstairs without attic access there will most likely be some drywall in need of repair when we are done, as there is no other way to fish wires through walls or ceilings that have no access.

Laundry Room, Quilting or Crafting Rooms – In most cases lighting in these rooms is not adequate.  Since this truly is a workspace better lighting can be quite beneficial.  You can add under-cabinet lighting, can lights, pendant lighting or a combination of all 3.

Sconces – These wall fixtures are primarily installed in hallways, dining rooms game rooms and master bedrooms.  Sconces give off such a comfortable light because the light is indirect or filtered.  If you put them on a dimmer they can also change the atmosphere of a room.closet lighting

Closets – Some closets are so big they can truly become dressing rooms complete with mirrors and seating areas.  Because of their size good lighting is essential.  We can add can lights, pendants and even chandeliers to large closets to not only add light but atmosphere and comfort as well.  Other closets are so small that they have no lighting whatsoever and because they are dark it makes it hard to find what you are looking for.  We can add slim electronic florescent lighting in most cases giving the needed light to find what you are looking for.  Some closets can be converted to be Audio Video equipment storage centers and we can provide the necessary outlets and lighting for those as well.

Floor Boxes – Needed usually for table lamps in the center of a room.  The optimum time to add a floor box, if not done during new construction, is when you are replacing your existing carpet or other flooring material.  This is an extremely dusty job; therefore, we recommend that all collectibles, draperies and furnishings be put up and out of the area. Roto-hammering and chiseling of the concrete has to be done from the location of an existing available power source, usually a near by receptacle, to the location of the floor box.  A pathway also has to be cut under the wall plate and up into the wall of the receptacle to tie in.  When done, if requested, we will fill in crevice with concrete, although some floor installers prefer that we do not fill it in.  Also, there may be some wall patching required when we are done.

Attic Vents – Powered attic vents seem to quit working in the middle of a heat wave- or perhaps that is the time when homeowners notice that they have quit working. Either way they save you money on your cooling costs when they are working properly.  We have measured temperatures in attics that are not vented properly in the summer to exceed 175 degrees, even when it is only 90 degrees outside. We do not install the vents themselves, but we can replace the motors.  If you don’t have them and want to put them in, call a reputable roofing contractor who does attic vent installations, and we’ll  power them up.

Our most common exterior job requests are:

Workshops – They have all kinds of needs- dedicated circuits, lighting, circuits for heat and AC, and some workshops require sub-panels because the power needs are so great. If you have any questions on the code and safety requirements give us a call.

Carriage or Coach Lights – These can be like a piece of fine jewelry at the entrance of your home or business.  Upgrading the existing builder grade carriage lights is not difficult.  But a NEW INSTALL in brick or rock where there is no power or box is another story.  It can be done, but in most cases a brick mason will have some repairs to do when we are finished.  Some builders do not put in carriage lights or they just put one in. If you want 2 and are building a home, it would be better to have the builder do it, which will save you in the end.

Security Lighting – Great for alleys, driveways, walkways and otherwise dark corners.  All exterior lighting adds some security.  The brighter the better according to local law enforcement agencies and crime prevention units.  Lights that stay on all night long are the best deterrent.

Whirlpool Spas – Things that need to be considered BEFORE you buy a spa. Is there enough space available in the breaker box to provide the necessary dedicated circuit? If not you will need a sub-panel to be installed first. If you have the space available in your current breaker box that will save you quite a bit of money. You will most likely need a 40 to 50 AMP dedicated circuit with a GFI and a weather tight disconnect and city permits. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination; never hire anyone unlicensed for work like this.

Outdoor Lighting –outdoor-lighting Outdoor lighting adds a lot of personality to a home or business as well as added security, atmosphere and curb appeal. There are so many choices of exterior lighting and varying prices as well. We offer a variety of exterior landscape lighting choices ranging in price from a typical flood up-light job of 5 light fixtures with 2 time-clocks on up. These are priced per device, instead of hourly, but include all material and labor. If you need new and or dedicated weather tight GFI receptacles on the house, in the yard, on a fence, arbor or gazebo for decorative patio strand lights, backyard kitchens or fountains we can do that as well. No more 25′ extension cords running up the side of your arbor or fence just waiting for the wind to disconnect. We can do the math to figure out what you need for your circuits work properly, but you will need to let us know how many strands of lights you intend to use and where. These can be put on a time-clock for your convenience as well.

Up-Lights – These are seen all over the local area and are commonly used because builders are making them a standard or an option when building a home.  These are flood sockets attached to the brick of a home or business that shine directly up to the eaves.  Great for architectural appeal and security.  Also, can be put at the base of a tree to add character to landscape.  Builders typically use the least expensive flood sockets with no weather protection but a paper or rubber gasket.  The sockets need to be replaced every couple of years in some cases.  You can upgrade to an enclosed up-light that has a lens on it to protect the fixture interior and bulb. Depending upon location, these last 10 to 15 years or  more.

Task Lighting – Great for outdoor play area like basketball courts or outside entertaining areas.  We light up a lot of gazebos as well as outdoor kitchens and BBQ grill areas.  If you really want it bright you can use quartz, high pressure sodium, metal halide (burns whiter), or mercury vapor instead of floods; however, these types cost substantially more and replacement bulbs are also expensive, but they last longer.

Moving Your AC Outdoor Unit – Many people who have loud AC units in bad locations in their back or side yard choose to have them moved.  The noise can be quite annoying if the unit is close to where you spend time outside or if it is near bedroom window.  We can move the power supply; however, you will need to hire a Heat and AC Service Company to move the unit itself.